About Us

Tie the Knot Overberg is different.  We’re different because for us, Your day is about You.

And the more we get “Your Day, Your Way” right, every single time, the more we celebrate our own love.

In our almost decade-long marriage, we’ve asked each other every single day to get married.  And every day, we’ve said yes for a lifetime together.  Asking my wife to marry me again, isn’t just a way to check in on the vital statistics of our relationship – it’s asking her to embrace everything that she learned about me today; choosing all of me to adore her, care for her, observe her, and witness her life.  It reminds me what I’m doing here, what she’s doing here, and why we make the choices we do.  It reminds us that we’re more than enough for each other – that we’re each other’s abundance, and blessing.

It reminds us of the miracle of having found each other, and our daughter – and how being a family is the best thing that ever happened to the three of us.


It reminds us that All love is created equal.  Beyond religion, beyond race, beyond gender, beyond gender orientation, beyond tradition.

It means that when we look at your family, we see the miracle, the joy, the privilege of being content, and of Loving each other for a lifetime.

So – what do weddings look like where we officiate?

You can expect the following – we make sure we tick these boxes every single day, with every interaction.  We’d like you to let us know if you saw this in everything we did at your Celebration.

  1. Really friendly, open, and approachable contact from the very first encounter, to the very last one.
  2. Giddy excitement to be part of your wedding day, your Together Forever Love Story.
  3. No money changing hands before you’ve met us on a FREE Skype call, had a good chuckle and chat, and have had time to decide if we’re the right fit for you.
  4. Knowledgeable about the legalities, administrative hoops and do’s and don’ts of the process, whether you’re two Foreign Nationals, one Foreign National and one South African Citizen, or even two South Africans in love.
  5. Open and Honest about where our authority ends with the Department of Home Affairs, what legal help you’re going to need in terms of Pre-Nuptial Agreements and other documentation, and what the process looks like after our role ends:  Visa Applications, Unabridged Marriage Certificates, and Immigration.
  6. Unbiased recommendations of photographers, venues, legal eagles, event organizers, caterers, flower vendors and sound crews we’ve worked with in the past if you want our input.
  7. Tireless commitment to helping you through the normal frustrations of the run-up to your wedding day; check-ins, chat sessions, Skype sessions, and What’s app communication with both of you.  We’re going to help you have a stress-free day, and relax into a beautiful reception afterwards.
  8. Guidance and input from the Tie The Knot team about the possibilities and freedom you have to express yourselves in your ceremony.  This is going to be even more awesome than you thought possible!
  9. Uncompromising attention to the detail of your homework, your conversations via Skype and What’s App, and your emails. We have never gotten a celebration wrong.  Ever.
  10. Absolute attention to what you want the feeling, the experience, and the lingering sense to be from your ceremony itself.
  11. A ceremony that is 100% bespoke: Created for you, based on you, guided by wishes expressed by you, and accommodating your every iteration.
  12. The full text written for your ceremony, after the wedding, when you’ve got time and clarity to read through it again.
  13. A free set of photos from Ava, our in-house Instagram Guru and Photography Aficionado, popped to your phones shortly after your wedding for you to enjoy over breakfast the next day.
  14. If you’ve chosen a handfasting as one of your unity rituals, Ava hand-ties your cord for you, and sews in your charms.  This makes for a beautiful surprise on your wedding day.