Bespoke Unity Rituals

The way you get married, is dictated by two different authorities (Two Authorities Other than The Moms).

The first is the legal requirements described in the Marriage Act, or the Civil Union Act – with specific questions to which you need to be willing to answer “I Do”.

The next requirements are up to the religious organization your celebrant belongs to, and can include various tick boxes, from being married Indoors, Inside a specific building, to what you’re allowed to wear, and where you’re allowed to stand or kneel, and what people are allowed to say, or sing.

Because Symi is registered with SAPRA, and SAPRA is really all about tolerating the differences in people’s beliefs, and their right to being treated equally whether they’re in a main stream religion, or not – there are NO further requirements by SAPRA to conform to a template ceremony.

What does that mean?

It means that you just became the authority who dictates what happens in your ceremony!  Isn’t that awesome?

The legal requirement for your wedding day, that we can’t, and won’t edit – takes about 45 seconds to complete.  The rest of your ceremony can be built around you as a couple -from the Charge of the Witnesses (where we start), to the final blessing (where we end).

Our basic flow of the ceremony is simple, and easy to follow – and allows for you to follow traditions from any culture – modern or ancient; or to create new customs for your tribe from this moment on.

We help you to fit all the bits and pieces you would like to add to your celebration into a simple sequence, that makes sense to you and your guests.  It never feels disjointed, or forced, or random.

Once you’ve had the first Skype chat with us, and decide to go ahead with Tie the Knot, Overberg, Ava sends you a list of the unity rituals that we’ve researched, and created, or adjusted in the past.  We give you a bit of information on where the traditions started, and then when you know the significance of the rituals, you can edit and re-shape them to bear witness to you as a couple, and to your love.

For your wedding ceremony, we include as many of your friends and family in readings, songs, poems or blessings as you wish.

So – use the form beneath, and get hold of us today!

It’s Your Day.  It should be celebrated Your Way.