Beyond Gender, Gender Orientation, Religion, Race or Tradition

Tie the Knot, Overberg’s officiant is registered with the Department of Home Affairs, and celebrates Civil Union Marriages or Partnerships.

You can get married under the Civil Union Act, if you are over 18 years old, are not married to each other or someone else under another law in any country, and are not related to each other.

The Civil Union Act does not discriminate against humans based on their gender, gender orientation, religion, race or traditions, so you can get married to someone of the same, or the other gender, you can get married to someone who is a South African Citizen, or a Foreign National, and you can get married to someone who holds a different faith than you do.

At Tie the Knot, Overberg, your wedding ceremony is customized for you, as a couple.  We take into account who you are, what symbolic actions or traditions you’d like to celebrate as significant to you as a couple, and we build that into a bespoke ceremony.

The framework of the ceremony is really simple, but allows us to customize the message, and the unity rituals (for instance, a handfasting, or a chocolate tasting) specifically for you as a couple.

Registered via SAPRA (South African Pagan Rights Association), Symi is not bound to use any specific religious directive – for instance, some organizations will not let a couple get married outside of a church building, or will not let a couple celebrate with another format other than the prescribed liturgy.  We’re only interested in your celebration being authentic, significant, and real.  We’re invested in the start to your married life being a celebration that captures the gravitas of the moment, while being fun, and uplifting and memorable for everyone who attends.

We look forward to getting to know both of you, and then creating your ceremony specifically for you, crafting Your day, Your way.