Beyond Race

At Tie the Knot, Overberg, we believe that love transcends the administrative differences between people; like the language you speak, or the way you grew up.

The love between people, isn’t a transaction between the small things that divide us, but it springs from the significant experiences and beliefs that connect us.

A celebration that honours who you are now, today, and the values that you share as a new family, and how your love has grown into redefining the road you would have taken as individuals, into this – a new, better way to be one.

Alex and Enrique come from different sides of their continent.  The one hails from the Amazon, the other from the Andes.  Their love was celebrated at L’Agulhas, the point where the two oceans meet – and their bespoke ceremony was translated into Spanish, and celebrated with their family and friends in both English and Spanish.

wedding celebration in English and Spanish

Symi and Laura worked together to make Alex and Enrique’s day perfect!  Symi even learned the official questions phonetically in Spanish, with Laura’s help, to allow the men to declare their intentions to be together forever, in their native tongue.

We would love to be part of your Together Forever Love Story.