Beyond Religion

Humans have a natural need to express their beliefs, morality and values.  It’s part of our identity, as much as our name, or the way we love, or the way we talk.

We have a need to belong to something bigger than ourselves, whether that’s your faith, or the love that you share with your partner, or the unity you have with your family and friends.

So – at Tie the Knot Overberg, we like to honour your expression of love, and faith, and your values and beliefs by building your ceremony around that.

Whether you would like a humanist celebration, or would like us to celebrate your specific syncretic belief system that you will follow in your home – or if you’d like us to co-officiate with someone who represents your beliefs but is unable to officially celebrate with you, we create the ceremony to reflect just that.

Your day, Your way.

In this celebration – guests tied a silver string around each other’s wrists, to celebrate the Story of the Red String of Fate – to signify how each of us will inevitably find the people with whom we are to spend time, learn from, and love.  The celebrations we include in the ceremony is significant for the couple themselves, and it may be the start of a whole new tradition in their new family.

The hands in this photo belong to a little girl, her bestie, and her mom.  they are all still wearing their strings, and remember the celebration often, adding to the blessings of the couple.  The memento’s are simple, but significant.

Marriage is more than just the joining of two lives, it’s the creation of a new tribe, with its own rituals, beliefs, and values.