Free Skype Chat

When you pop us a message, saying you’d like to get married, we ask you a couple of questions about the logistics of your wedding day.

Once you answer those, Ava sends through a quotation to you, and – you have some time to look through the paperwork.

We then schedule a Skype chat with both of you.  This way – you get to ask us anything you still want to know, run your questions about your wedding day past Symi, and get a feel for who we are.

Whether you accept the quotation, and want Tie the Knot, Overberg to Officiate your wedding day, or whether you just want to get clarity around the possibilities and options available to you – this remains a FREE Skype session!

These sessions are always informal, and often scheduled after business hours – because we’d like to chat to both of you at the same time.  If you’re close to Greyton, or when we’re there – close to Cape Town, we’re happy to meet you on the fly, at one of the many beautiful spots in and around.