The fine print of marriage, explained

Getting married is more than two people making a commitment to each other, even if that is at the very core of your celebration.

From the start of your arrangements, you’ll see that there are more service providers, more things to buy in, more things to do, more places to go, more conversations to have than ever before.  Every couple considers elopement at least once before they get through all the arrangements.

Ideally, you’d like to bounce your ideas and your thoughts off someone who doesn’t have their own agenda.  Often, parents, friends, and family have their own hopes for your marriage day – simply because they’re so invested in playing a part in your day.

At Tie the Knot Overberg,we just want you to have fun, be relaxed, and have a beautiful day to start your fairy tale.  So Ava is just a What’s App  message away, and you can run anything past her!

The flow of your bespoke ceremony is meticulously planned, and written specifically for you – and both Ava and your officiant will guide you through the possible ceremonies and unity rituals that you can select.

She knows the best photographers, the best caterers, has worked with many venues before, can point you in the right direction if you want something really specific for your day.

Not all the things you have to worry about involve the day itself.  For instance, when you get married in South Africa, you get married In Community of Property.  That means that the two of you become one Financial Persona.  It’s imperative that you make an informed decision about whether that will serve you, or trip you up in future.

We can point you in the direction of attorneys who really know their way around an ante-nuptial agreement to make sure that you, and your business ventures are safe and sound.

We have worked with the Department of Home Affairs as well as Immigration, extensively – as our officiants deal with DHA to register marriages.  They can talk you through the requirements, the process, and the pitfalls, to effectively smooth your experience over.

So – let’s get that Skype session booked, and meet us.  This may be the most crucial connection you make to have your wedding day perfect.